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Karate India Organisation - KIO was incorporated as a non profitable company under section 8 of Registrar of Companies, Govt. of India and established for the overall development and promotion of Karate Sport in India. The overall aim of KIO is to popularise this tremendous Martial Art of self defence amongst youth and growing children of India by conducting training seminars, self defence camps, tournaments etc. at district, state, national, school, university level. KIO is the national widespread organisation with the strength of 33 affiliated state associations and more than 350 Associated Members Karate styles/schools/clubs representing different Karate styles like Shotokan, Shito Ryu, Goju Ryu, Wado Ryu, Shorin Ryu, Goshin Ryu, Budokan etc. KIO is the only National body of Karate Sport in India which is affiliated with IOC recognised International Federation, World Karate Federation and OCA recognised Asian Karate Federation. Most of the National champions and Internationally renowned Players, WKF & AKF qualified Judges/Referees, Coaches and Masters of India are associated with KIO. India is one of the major country in the world in Karate where millions of people are learning and practicing the art of Karate. KIO have a strength of 18 WKF qualified Referees, 89 AKF qualified Referees, 36 WKF accredited Coaches, 07 WKF certified license holder Kumite Coaches, 02 certified license holder Kata Coaches. The Karate player of KIO have won WKF Series-A Gold Medal, many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Commonwealth Karate Championship and South Asian Karate Championship, Silver and Bronze Medals in Asian Karate Championship. 

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